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*record scratch* *freeze frame* Soooooooooo, yeah. I bet right now you’re probably wondering how I got here, huh? Well let me tell you a little bit about myself. *movie rewinds like an old VHS*

I’m an engineer by trade and training. I’ve worked in a lot of different positions, from clean-room tech to Project Manager. All of it has been with the Government. Dept. of Defense work? Yup. Intelligence community? That too. Law enforcement agencies? You betcha. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about managing teams and running operational systems that support hundreds of thousands of users. This blog is my take on these things.

 I’m interested in creating and running the best possible teams. And I want to make Government consulting as close to commercial tech companies as possible. I support mission critical applications that are used daily to make America safer. These applications shouldn’t be hard to use. Yet, I feel like I just stepped out of a time machine when I start new projects.

The thing is, it easy and cost effective to move towards modern architectures.

Yeah, I’m talking about open source software. If there is one thing I’m a zealot about it’s using open source software. Well, two things. I hate meetings. Like really, really (really) hate meetings. I digress. I’m hoping that some of my experiences will be useful to others. And maybe together we can overcome the inertia of, “we’ve always done it this way” and bring best-practices from companies like Google, Facebook and Netflix into the Government.

A little more about me.

I am a jack-of-all trades. I love learning about new technology. My goal is to bridge the technical and the layman. In my personal life, I am a music addict and really enjoy cooking. And I won’t say no to a delicious craft-beer (or two). In my spare time, when I’m not learning how to do Dad things, I read epic fantasy novels and play dorky board games with my wife.

You can find me on: